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Hoo St. Werburgh

The parish church dedicated to St. Werburgh has ancient origins. St. Werburgh is likely to have visited Hoo and it is she who founded a nunnery nearby. Werburgh was the daughter of King Wulfhere of Mercia and was born some… Continue Reading →

St. Mary’s Church Chickney Then and Now

St. Mary’s church, Chickney, Essex, was struck by lightning in 1902 and £329 was raised to be spent on repairs to the tower. Following a period of neglect, the church was restored, to be passed to The Churches Conservation trust… Continue Reading →

Destructor Delights

Visitors to York are spoilt for choice with interesting historic buildings. Those who return for a repeat visit, or even for a second or third sojourn to this ancient walled city will still discover historic sites yet to be ticked… Continue Reading →

A Bible Stand Reunited

Early in 2014 my attention was drawn to the sale of an inscribed brass ‘memorial plaque’ being sold in Belfast on a well-known auction website. The first to bring this to my attention was a vicar in Northamptonshire, who’d spotted… Continue Reading →

Theatre Royal Chatham

The history of a majestic but sadly now lost theatre that once stood in the High Street in Chatham, Kent. This was my first heritage project [read more]…

Stained-glass windows close-up

Here are some photographs of stained glass from around the country with a magnifier to zoom in. This enables a viewer on a mobile device or a smaller screen to zoom in to see details while appreciating a view of… Continue Reading →

A trip to the seaside

August 2019 – a photographic trip to capture the early morning sunrise on the south Suffolk coast. Equipment Camera body: Fuji X-T2 Lenses: Samyang 12mm f2; Fuji 18mm f2 Filters: None Tripod: Slik Professional series Weekend before last, I drove… Continue Reading →


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