Church Photography

English parish churches are the custodians of some of the world’s most outstanding works of art – stained glass, monuments, tiles, woodwork, furniture and the architecture itself, often dating back a thousand or more years. They can be treasure troves of artefacts of local, national and international significance. Promoting this to visitors is a way to keep our churches open, loved and most importantly, conserved and maintained. Visitor experience will always be enhanced by interpretation materials with high-quality imagery.

I am an accomplished photographer specialising in historic buildings, mainly churches, their interiors, exteriors, details and landscape settings. I produce high-resolution digital imagery for prints, printed literature and digital publication. I have fully mobile lighting studio facilities.

Sadly, our churches can also fall victim to theft. Thefts and damage are devastating for local communities who cherish their parish churches but when they do occur, high-resolution photographs are paramount for crime investigation and media coverage. I am regularly asked if I have a photograph of a missing artefact. I can therefore photograph all fixtures and fittings including a metric/colour-scale.

Please contact me for further details and cost.

Here are just a few examples.