Knowing the Numbers – Historic Church Visitor System

Management information was essential when embarking upon the project to develop Holy Trinity Goodramgate into a world-class visitor attraction which would become the Number 1 attraction in York on TripAdvisor within only a few years.

Volunteers on daily visitor-welcome duty could record invaluable information about those who came to the church. Volunteers cashed up the donations box daily, registered group visits, discerning between free-flow visitors, guide-led groups (fee-paying or otherwise), educational groups and pre-arranged visits. Retail sales in the small on-site gift-shop were also recorded, stock-control data being maintained by the program.

Information retrieved from the system at the click of a mouse facilitated effective planning for opening times, schedule volunteer and staff duties and purchase wholesale retail items.

The ‘Merchandise’ system was built in-house and from the ground up, using a Microsoft Access platform. Developed over two years it eventually empowered CCT staff to make decisions which would see Holy Trinity Goodramgate’s visitor offer grow into the charity’s most successful site in terms of visitor-engagement and income generation.

Here are some screenshots.

Fully menu-driven with graphical user interface
Group visits could be recorded by group type/company name
Group Visits
Daily free-flow visitors
Educational visits recorded by organisation name and type of visit
Inbuilt security and incident system recorded heritage-crime and ASB information for easily reporting to senior management and development of welfare systems for on-site volunteers
Event information capture
Recording retail sales
Retail sales reporting
Reports selection
Dynamic report generation