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St. John’s Leeds Then-and-Now

Before After

Duxford St. John’s Then-and-Now

Before After Image (r) Adrian Powter – @Badger_Beard on Twitter. See Adrian’s other photos of St. John’s Duxford here…

Henry Audley’s Monument at Berechurch, Essex

Henry Audley’s magnificent monument stands in St. Michael’s Church, Berechurch, a mile or two south of Colchester in Essex. “His date of death is not known but, as he is known to have been alive in 1664, this monument, erected… Continue Reading →

James Pigott Pritchett, A York Architect

James Pigott Pritchett, Architect (b. 14th October 1789, d. 23rd January 1868) James Pigott Pritchett was responsible for the entire collection of neo-classical buildings in York cemetery, including the cemetery chapel (1838), a structure inspired by the Erechtheus in Athens… Continue Reading →

High Ambition and Low Elswick

St. Stephen’s tower, Low Elswick, is one of the most overlooked and rarely mentioned buildings in the CCT’s portfolio of historic churches, despite the local and international significance of those who built it. It remains a landmark for those travelling… Continue Reading →

Hoo St. Werburgh

The parish church dedicated to St. Werburgh has ancient origins. St. Werburgh is likely to have visited Hoo and it is she who founded a nunnery nearby. Werburgh was the daughter of King Wulfhere of Mercia and was born some… Continue Reading →

St. Mary’s Church Chickney Then and Now

St. Mary’s church, Chickney, Essex, was struck by lightning in 1902 and £329 was raised to be spent on repairs to the tower. Following a period of neglect, the church was restored, to be passed to The Churches Conservation trust… Continue Reading →

A Bible Stand Reunited

Early in 2014 my attention was drawn to the sale of an inscribed brass ‘memorial plaque’ being sold in Belfast on a well-known auction website. The first to bring this to my attention was a vicar in Northamptonshire, who’d spotted… Continue Reading →

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