A trip to the seaside

August 2019 – a photographic trip to capture the early morning sunrise on the south Suffolk coast.


  • Camera body: Fuji X-T2
  • Lenses: Samyang 12mm f2; Fuji 18mm f2
  • Filters: None
  • Tripod: Slik Professional series

Weekend before last, I drove to the south Suffolk coast with the intention of photographing the sun rising from the sea with some sort of landscape feature such as a pier or a harbour wall. This was to be an experiment and as a regular photographer of buildings, churches in particular, I wasn’t entirely sure what sort of results to expect.

I took the Samyang 12mm. I’ve used this lens many times since it was purchased new in 2018 but this has mainly been for church interiors with some church exteriors/churchyards – the results from this coupled with my Fuji digital X-T2, being slightly soft around the edges, certainly not as sharp as the Fuji 18mm f2.8 that accompanied my first Fuji X-PRO1 back in 2016. With the further frustration of no auto-focus on the Samyang.

The Samyang did, however, perform far better than expected, and seemed to excel in the warm light of a 5.30am morning at the beach. Atop the tripod with an inexpensive remote-release, I was satisfied with these results.

Southwold, Suffolk

My only frustration came from the sensor-dust which has accumulated in the X-T2 for some time – it desperately needs a clean – at higher apertures – I was shooting at 5 seconds at apertures between f18 and f22. At f22 the dust really did need some Photoshop treatment.

Suffolk Coast Sunrise