St. Mary's Church in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. was founded in the twelfth century as a house of Benedictine monks by Aubrey de Vere. Since the dissolution it has functioned as the town's parich church, a large building today it would have been significantly more prominent with extensive monastic buildings prior to the sixteenth century.
Holy Trinity Wentworth in South Yorkshire. Built in the nineteenth century and designed by J.L. Pearson, this church replaced the old Holy Trinity, the remains of which still stand in the extensive churchyard opposite.

At Mid-Kent College in the late 1980s I was more interested in my unacredited photography module than my A-level course. Ever since I've been taking photographs. I bought my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 20D in 2004 with a little bit of inheritance money – I spent it wisely. Nowadays, I use Fuji X-Pro 1 and XT-2 digital bodies with a range of lenses, a Mamiya 330 (currently sitting in the cupboard with a broken aperture ring) and a Canon A1 with a couple of solid FD-mount lenses. Early Beginnings

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